Carroll County Farm Bureau At a Glance: Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

We officially have a Cubs game on the schedule! Baseball season cannot come fast enough for me, both high school and MLB. We are taking a bus to see the Cubs play the Brewers at Miller Park in Milwaukee on Sunday, April 8. The bus will leave at 9 a.m. for the 1:10 p.m. game. Seats are $65 for members and include transportation and your seat at the game. If this is anything like last year’s trip, seats will sell out quickly! Payment is required to hold your spot.

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Membership has its value has been a long standing slogan for Farm Bureau membership.  It is a very true statement. I have heard from a number of members who have saved quite a bit more than one year’s worth of dues. Recently, you probably remember me writing on the lady who saved more than $1,000 on her prescription coverage.

I have had members tell me they have saved $30 on a pair of shoes using the new Abenity app – with its more than 300,000 membership discounts available. I have personally saved more than a year’s dues using the hotel and car rental discount available.

Have you looked into using the IAA Credit Union? It has competitive rates and makes it easy to bank from here. ADT is another great benefit we have available. What about $500 off a new Ford vehicle? The list goes on and on.

If you are not a member, it is easy to join! We have associate members who are non-farmers. We have our farming members, and last year we also have the classification professional members who are non-farmers who have an interest in agriculture and want to support or be involved more than just a non-farmer member. Professional members may be those who work in agribusiness, maybe someone who grew up on a farm and wants to just continue to support agriculture, or have an interest in agriculture. Contact our office today to find out how you can become a member.

Along with the typical membership benefits, Farm Bureau has been very socially responsible. We know that farmers feed the world and this is their job, but they take it a step further than that. As you can see in this week’s paper, we have very generous farmers in Carroll County who have no problem with giving to those less fortunate. The amount of money donated in Carroll County since the program began is unbelievable.The dollars that are raised from the Harvest for All go to the food pantries and to help support the Backpack Program.

The backpack program began back in 2015, when Eastland Feed & Grain along with our Young Leaders teamed up to begin sending home food with students throughout the school year. Currently we are feeding 56 students in 31 families from the three school districts. 

We also get donations during the year from various donors who believe in the program. A huge thank you goes out to all who give and support the program! Especially Diane who comes and backs bags and delivers them. It has taken a lot of pressure off my finding time to get everything done in the week. 

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